Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Should You Choose a DJ or Band for Your Wedding?

The choice on whether you should choose a DJ or band for your wedding boils down to personal taste and preference. While some people may prefer the multiplicity that a DJ brings to a wedding, others would rather have a live band play. One thing is certain though; you will have to opt between the two if you want to make your wedding a vivacious affair. So, should you choose a DJ or band for your wedding? To help you through this quest, here are some factors to mull over.

What Type of Music Do You Like? 


It you have a compilation of your favorite type music; you may want to think about hiring a live band rather than a DJ. A live band will stick with one particular genre of music, which will add glamour to your wedding. For instance, if your favorite music is rock, you may want to book a rock band for your wedding so that you and your spouse can enjoy dancing to the music. Nonetheless if you prefer a wider range of music, seeking services of a wedding DJ would be the best option. A DJ will come prepared with music of different genres, which will allow you and the guests in attendance enjoy a more assorted set of music. 

What is Your Budget?

Consider your budgetary allocation when making the choice on whether to hire a DJ or a band for your wedding. Mostly a live band is more expensive than hiring a DJ, so you will have to factor in the costs involved. Certainly the cost of hiring a DJ with a large sound system and lighting might be equivalent to the cost of hiring a live band. You can minimize on the costs on a live band by hiring a small, local band that is just getting started. Be sure to listen to them play before making the initial payment. 

How Large is the Wedding Venue?

A band will require more space to set up than a DJ. If you decide to hire a band, ensure that the wedding venue can accommodate a stage where the band will play. A DJ on the other hand will require less space and can almost play from anywhere. Make sure that the wedding venue has appropriate acoustics for music and that there are adequate electrical outlets for either a DJ or a band to perform.

Do You Want a Continuous Dancing?

Relatively, an average wedding lasts for five to six hours. During this time, the band will most likely take to the stage at least four to five times; they won’t play for the entire wedding. If you want continous wedding, hiring a DJ will be the best option. A DJ won’t need to take as many breaks, he or she will only break when necessary. If you choose to hire a band, carrying a CD with your favorite music would be a good idea since it can play when the band is resting.

Whether you choose to hire a DJ or a live band, don’t for get that the primary objective is to make your wedding as multi-colored as possible in addition to bringing the energetic feel. It is therefore advisable that you take sometime to listen to the band or DJ you intend to hire. You certainly do not want to hire a band or DJ that wouldn’t give the best value in return for the money paid.